Nieves Calero

Handmade shoe manufacturing since 1920

A family tradition …

Nieves Calero is a company that began its commercial and artisanal activity at the beginning of the 20th century in Valverde del Camino(Huelva ), specifically in the year 1920, purely with family roots.

It has passed from parents to children for years, with the goal of getting a quality product, according to the client and the demands of the market that during all the years have been appearing, but without losing our origins.

Today, our products follow strict quality standards, guaranteeing our customer its artisans production.

Nieves Calero

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We have a wide variety of shoes, boots and ankle boots.

A brand with history …

Nieves Calero

The family business had its beginnings about the 1920s, being its founder Mr. Alejandro Calero Sánchez, which was devoted to the saddlery (performing mainly half-pants) during his years of home. In this main performance was consolidating as the shoemaker pioneer in Valverde, with models of shoes, boots and country boots that were used for field work.

In a second generation in the 1970s, his daughter and his son-in-law continued restructuring and modernizing the family company changing its name to “Snow Calero Borrero” with the trademark “Du-Cal”.

In its third generation, the great challenge of this second generation children and grandchildren of Mr. Alejandro Calero Sánchez, is to form the current limited partnership, which was established in 1994: “Nieves Calero S.L.” with trade mark “Calero”.